Wisdom of Awareness

Weekend retreat: Ytterjärna, Sweden. 

October 18 (Check in at 17.00) - October 20 (end at 13.00)

An Exploration of Effortless Presence

We all have awakened presence within us which is created as a spark of bliss at the moment of conception. This spark remains within us and can never be stained or tainted, but it can be hidden.

Drawing from over fifty years of training and practice in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition Lama Tsultrim will guide us in the awakening and identification of this natural state of self-cognizing awareness through stories, dialogue, experiential excercises and meditations in nature.

Identify the Non Dual State, our true nature and learn to rest in it, going beyond effortful meditation finding the freedom of open awareness grounded in Tibetan tradition but beyond any cultural constraints.

Come join us on this life-changing inner journey midst the beautiful nature of the Stockholm archipelago!


Retreat price without: accommodation and meals: 3100 SEK.

If you can, please bring a voluntary extra contribution

(the traditional Dana) for the teacher. See information below

Retreat price: with accommodation and all meals: 5200 SEK

If price is a barrier for any reason, please message or email us directly.


If you can, please bring a voluntary contribution (the traditional Dana) for the teachers. A minimal teachers' salary is already included in the price but to provide them a more appropriate reimbursement and to create a tendrel or “auspicious interdependence” with the teacher, we will hold a Dana ceremony at the end of the retreat. This is a traditional ceremony where you have the opportunity to express your gratitude to the teacher. At this ceremony you can give the teacher an extra contribution for the precious teachings that have been offered.


For those who are intressted in a long-term study pathways and would like to proceed. More information: 

Refund and cancellation policy

If you cancel before September 15, 2024 the fee is refundable excluding a reservation of 500 SEK which can not be refunded. If you cancel after September 15, 2024 there is no refund possible. 


The retreat will take place at the Vita Huset on the Ytterjärna campus, located 5 km from the town of Järna and 55 km from Stockholm’s city center. The retreat space overlooks the fjord at the edge of the nature park and forest, including access to the Ekoleden walking trail and nearby biodynamic farms. Participants will be able to enjoy the Swedish autom and spend time in nature during their time on retreat, and meals will be served onsite.

In Ytterjärna there is a Kulturhuset (culture house) with a stage for musical performances, a restaurant, a hotel, hostel, giftshop, homes, and even a farm shop. The area is known for agriculture, curative education, and award-winning architecture.

Retreat venue address: Kulturcentrum Vita Huset, 15391 Järna, Sweden

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The lodging is in Terrakotten, an ecological cottage house on Ytterjärna campus, surrounded by gardens and fields. All retreat participants will have individual or shared rooms which has shared bathrooms and showers.

All rooms are equipped with a bed, desk, chair and bookshelf. As a guest, you have access to a fully equipped kitchen shared with other guests. It is possible to reserv bedsheets and towels for a samll fee.

The retreat space

The Vita Huset (The White House) is a one of the oldest buildings in Ytterjärna. It has been the home of the Swedish painter Bruno Liljefors. The rooms have high ceiling with big windows overlooking the water. We will be in the same space each day, where there are some cushions. Please do bring your meditation cushion and something soft for the ground, like a blanket, if you are traveling locally.

Campus highlights

From the campus you can walk the Ekoleden trail, a wonderful nature experience of 12 kilometers which connects the campus, the garden, the park, the Baltic Sea coastal area, nearby forest and agricultural fields. The trail is marked out and has some rest areas along the road. The whole trail is estimated to take about 2-3 hours. A shorter alternative is the Nibble round which takes about 45 minutes.

The garden is a classic place that has developed from the typical Sörmland agricultural landscape, from Bruno Liljefors' love of the wild nature, walking paths and plantations. By Arne Klingborg's and Lars Krantz's incredible enthusiasm for the biodynamic garden for the benefit and pleasure, which became the model for Rosendal's garden. With a much talked about rose garden and beautiful magnolia plantations, it is no wonder that so many garden enthusiasts travel here for inspiration and tranquility.


The food that’s being served at retreat is organic vegetarian food. We begin with dinner on the Friday, closing with lunch on the Sunday.

Breakfast and dinner will be served in a separate house only for us or outside weather permitting and will include granola, bread, yogurts, tea, and seasonal extras for breakfast and a light dinner of soup, bread, and salad.

Lunch will be served by the Culture house restaurant on campus, which is open from 10-16h each day and has a variety of baked goods, coffees, and juices for purchase.

Travel & Arriving

Please indicate on your registration form how you intend to arrive and we will support the organizing of ride shares where possible. It is possible to take a bus from Järna train station all the way to the retreat, See below. 

Arriving by plane

The nearest airports are Arlanda (ARN) or Skavsta (NYO).

From Arlanda you can take the pendeltåg (train) headed to Södertäjle Hamn, in the direction : Södertäjle Centrum.

From Södertäjle Hamn you can either take a commuter train to Järna or a bus and then a second bus from Järna station (Bus 784 in the direction of Norrvrå) to a stop called Stensta, (1 km walk to accomodation/campus) or directly to Kulturcentrum Järna (a few feet from your accommodation).

From Stockholm

From Stockholm City or T-Centralen you can take a pendeltåg (commuter train) to Södertäjle Hamn. There is also a direct train from Södra Station to Södertäjle Hamn.

From Södertäjle Hamn you can either take a commuter train to Järna or a bus and then a second bus from Järna station (Bus 784 in the direction of Norrvrå) to a stop called Stensta, (1 km walk to accomodation/campus) or directly to Kulturcentrum Järna (a few feet from your accommodation and Vita huset).

Daily Schedule

Friday October 18:

  • Check in and dinner, 17.00
  • Opening evening teaching 19.00 - 21.00

Saturday October 19:

  • Morning meditation 07.00 - 07:45
  • Breakfast and personal time 08.00 - 10.00
  • Morning teaching/practice 10.00 - 13.00 (with 15-20 min break)
  • Lunch and personal time: 13.00 - 15.00
  • Afternoon teaching/practice: 15.00 - 18.00 (with 15-20 min break)
  • Dinner 18.30
  • Evening practice 19.45 - 20.30

Sunday October 20:

  • Morning meditation 07.00 - 07.45
  • Breakfast and personal time 08.00 - 10.00
  • Final morning session 10.00 - 13.00 (with 15-20 min break)
  • Lunch: 13.00
  • Check out

What to bring:

  • Note book and pen

  • A blanket to sit softly on (if you can carry it in your luggage. Otherwise we have some extra). We provide a limited number of meditation cushions, please bring your own if you have the possiblity.



Lama Tsultrim Allione is the bestselling author of Women of Wisdom (1984), Feeding Your Demons (2008), and Wisdom Rising Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine (2018). Lama Tsultrim is the founder of Tara Mandala, a 700-acre retreat center with the three-story temple and library dedicated to the divine feminine in the Buddhist tradition near Pagosa Springs, in southwest Colorado. She leads a vibrant international community with over forty groups around the world.

Born in New England, she traveled to Asia in her late teens and in 1970 at the age of 22 in Bodhgaya, India she became the first American to be ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist nun. She later disrobed, married and became the mother of three and now is grandmother of six. In 2007 she was recognized in Tibet and Nepal as the emanation of the renowned 11th-century Tibetan yogini, Machig Labdrön, and she is one of the few women Lamas in the world today. In 2012 she received the Machig Labdron Empowerment from His Holiness the 17thKarmapa. She was awarded international recognition as an “Outstanding Woman in Buddhism” in 2009 by a panel of distinguished scholars and practitioners in Bangkok, Thailand.

More about Lama Tsultrim Allione can be found here: 

Questions: contact us via email or the contact form.